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crash> sys | grep -e UPTIME -e RELEASE -e MACHINE -e PANIC UPTIME: 17 days, 19:45:20 RELEASE: 2.6.32-504.12.2.el6.x86_64 MACHINE: x86_64 (2400 Mhz) PANIC: "Kernel panic - … Solved: Kernel Panic - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community Re: Kernel Panic I always avoid using initrd whenever possible, by statically linking into the kernel all of the drivers needed to boot (in your case, scsi, aic7xxx, etc.). I use initrd only when an essential driver is available only as a module. If your Mac restarted because of a problem – Apple Support If the issue is caused by software on your Mac, one of these steps might help: Install all available software updates.; If your Mac suspects that a particular app caused the restart, it might ask whether you would like to move the app to the Trash.

Mar 22, 2004 · The kernel is the most basic, core level of your operating system - the part that is always in memory. Most modern OSes have a kernel of some sort (NT, Linux, OS X, Solaris, etc.). A "kernel panic" basically means your core operating system has run into a problem that will not allow it to keep running.

On Kernel Panic, kernel stop running immediately to avoid data loss or other damage. The reason to stop running is to protect your computer, for example, if the module which is controlling the fan fails to load, kernel generates a panic and freezes the system.

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Other kernel panics. If the panic you see is not the same as those listed above, copy down as much of the text as possible and submit a support ticket so that we can help you further. Categories. Getting Support (5) Hardware (35) Areca Raid Arrays (3) InfiniBand (10) LSI Raid Arrays (9) NVIDIA Graphics Cards (1) Kernel Panic - Macbook Pro Retina Early 2013 | MacRumors Mar 08, 2019