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Topic: TCP Congestion Control: Slione Replies: 101 Views: 222673: Forum: Broadcom SoC based Hardware Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:19 Subject: TCP Congestion Control: Topic: WOL woes on E3000: Slione Replies: 10 Views: 12232: Forum: Broadcom SoC based Hardware Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:04 Subject: WOL woes on E3000

RFC 5681 - TCP Congestion Control RFC 5681 TCP Congestion Control September 2009 The slow start algorithm is used when cwnd < ssthresh, while the congestion avoidance algorithm is used when cwnd > ssthresh. When cwnd and ssthresh are equal, the sender may use either slow start or congestion avoidance. During slow start, a TCP increments cwnd by at most SMSS bytes for each ACK received that cumulatively acknowledges … What DD-WRT settings / tweaks are worth using? | AnandTech Apr 29, 2019

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Topic: TCP Congestion Control: chrisinsocalif Replies: 101 Views: 222887: Forum: Broadcom SoC based Hardware Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:21 Subject: TCP Congestion Control: I found this argument intriguing and decided to research how TCP congestive controls work without any prior knowledge. From hours of reading this is what i understand. Custom firmware for R7800 to extend its functionality Comparing the congestion control algorithms to each other. shows that whilst some of the algorithms can co-exist, others. cannot. TCP-Vegas consistently had a low mean throughput. of about 10 Mbps against all other TCP variants. TCP-Vegas. is perhaps the algorithm that is most sensitive to network. congestion, as it gives up bandwidth the most Optimizing your internet usage with the QoS functionality Newer versions of DD-WRT also support various of TCP Congestion Control settings (also on the Management page). Even though they don’t actually belong to QoS, to some extent, they are doning the same job. And TCP Congestion Control could work with QoS. The DD-WRT on my router has three TCP Congestion Control options: Vegas, Westwood and BIC. Reduce Lag in PvP/Improve your Connection (In-Depth Guide Dec 06, 2012