Apr 01, 2016 · About. Joined WalmartLabs as "Software Engineer 3" position. I'm working on Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Kafka and Python technologies. Useful tools for my work are AirFlow, Nifi and few other streaming

NCCT, Promise for the Best Projects. 044-28235816, 9841193224, ncctchennai@gmail.com. Best Project Centre in Chennai, Providing Quality Projects with Ontime Completion & Complete Guidance. IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research & Development is an Indias leading Open-Access peer reviewed International e-journal for Science, Engineering & Technologies Manuscript. A Cohesion Metric Approach to Dividing Source Code into Functional Segments to Improve Maintainability . Software Engineering . Java . BPJN 19 . P2P packet cache router for network-wide traffic redundancy elimination . Networking . Java . BPJN 20 . Joint routing, scheduling and power control for multichip MIMO networks . Wireless Communication Third, we present a data provider-aware anonymization algorithm with adaptive m-privacy checking strategies to ensure high utility and m-privacy of anonymized data with efficiency. Finally, we propose secure multi-party computation protocols for collaborative data publishing with m -privacy. A more desirable approach is concerted data publishing which anonymizes data from all providers as if they would come from one source (aggregateand-anonymize), using either a trusted third-party (TTP) or Secure Multi-party Computation (SMC) protocols to do

Some data sharing doesn’t involve personal data, for example where only statistics that cannot identify anyone are being shared. Neither the Data Protection Act (DPA), nor this code of practice, apply to that type of sharing. The code covers the two main types of data sharing: • systematic, routine data sharing where the same data sets

Publishing code. Publishing copies your program or library from your private workspace to your public Arm Mbed website profile. The public copy of your repository is the home of your project on Mbed. This is the place for: Documentation about your project. Guides on how to use it. Discussion by users of your project. If you want to share your work:

The more specific publication you focus on, then you can find code easier. Some authors believe in democratizing research by publishing their work online for free or even a tolerable fee. I’ve found a few resources which I would like to share with

Privacy Preserving Collaborative Data Publishing Using K 2014-12-30 · privacy when anonymized data of two or more organi-zations is integrated. 1.1.Motivation: In real-life data publishing,a single organization often does not hold the complete data. Organizations need toshare data for mutual benefits or for publishing to a third party. For example, banking sectors want to Benjamin C. M. Fung - Publications 2020-6-27 · m-privacy for collaborative data publishing. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering ( TKDE ) , 26(10):2520-2533, October 2014. IEEE Computer Society.