*Hulu/Spotify bundle is a limited-time offer that runs through June 10. See Spotify and Hulu $10 bundle offer: Everything you need to know for complete details. What's the monthly fee? While many

Jan 23, 2019 · Hulu has a new pricing plan coming. The streaming TV service is raising the price of Live TV by $5 monthly, while dropping on-demand by $2 to $5.99. This is so that Hulu can bring you TV shows at a low monthly cost and still compensate their content partners. How much is a Hulu Plus subscription annually? While Hulu Plus chooses to price their subscription by months, your subscription will end up costing around $96 per year. Jan 09, 2019 · Best answer: Hulu's cost varies based on which plan you choose. Hulu On Demand costs $6 a month for the Limited Commercials plan now, but new pricing for several Hulu plans goes into effect Feb 26th. It costs $12 a month for the No Commercials Plan. Hulu with Live TV costs $45 a month for the base plan now. Dec 26, 2019 · Overall, Hulu is a great streaming platform that offers a good mix of well-known movies and TV shows, and original content that you won’t find on other similar services, like Netflix. Compared to cable, which can cost you around $100 a month , Hulu at $7.99 to $11.99 per month is super cheap. Apr 03, 2019 · Previously, Spotify Premium with Hulu cost $12.99 per month, but the service recently shifted to offering the package for around $10 per month for new subscribers (old subscribers paying $12.99 Nov 15, 2019 · Hulu will increase the monthly base price of its live TV service from $44.99 to $54.99 starting on December 18th, the company announced today in a blog post. Existing subscribers will see the new p…

Aug 09, 2018 · How much does a Hulu subscription cost? As of 2017, Hulu has three options: its $7.99 per month limited commercial version, $11.99 commercial free version, $39.99 per month limited-commercial live television version and $43.99 per month for the non-commercial live television version.

May 27, 2020 · Hulu + Live TV: Subscribe to Hulu + Live TV for $54.99/month so you can avoid the spoilers by watching your favorite primetime shows, breaking news, and sporting events in real-time. Hulu + Live TV subscribers can watch everything in our streaming library , plus additional on-demand content and live streams from over 60 top channels.

Mar 12, 2019 · Following Netflix’s recent price hike, Hulu lowered the cost of its ad-supported plan down to $5.99 a month, and now, Spotify users will get savings on top of savings. To take advantage of this

Nov 15, 2019 · The cost of being a cord cutter continues to get pricier.. Hulu will raise the price of its Live TV monthly subscriptions by $10 as of Dec. 18, the streaming service announced Friday. The price Apr 29, 2020 · Basic: $14.99/month (available on its own or as an add-on option through providers such as Hulu and Amazon) Note: HBO GO is free with a standard HBO subscription and is pretty much the same thing Nov 14, 2019 · Hulu also offers Hulu Live TV. This premium service gives you all the TV shows and movies you’ve come to expect, plus breaking news, live sports, and popular primetime television for $44.99 (ad Oct 08, 2019 · Hulu now offers four add-on "channels": Starz is $8.99 per month, Showtime is $10.99 a month, Cinemax is $9.99 a month, and HBO costs $14.99 a month (the same as paying for separate HBO Now, but Jan 23, 2019 · Hulu has a new pricing plan coming. The streaming TV service is raising the price of Live TV by $5 monthly, while dropping on-demand by $2 to $5.99.